We Provide the best online solutions to your clients ..

We handle apache, Php ,Mysql related issues with your server and are quite experienced in dealing with Cpanel , Plesk , Webmin , Directadmin control Panel based servers and their issues.

Web Hosting Plans We offer on yearly basis

  Disk Space Bandwidth per month Email Qouta No of Mysql DBs Cost per year
Standard Plan 1 GB 15 GB 20 nos 3 DB US $ 45

Silver Plan

2 GB 25 GB 50 nos 5 DBs US $ 70
Gold Plan 4 GB 40 GB 100 nos 7 DBs US $ 100
Diamond Plan 5 GB Unlimited Unlimited 10 DBs US $ 150

Server Administration Support for your servers

  Features Rate
1 dedicated Staff full time(40 hrs/week) server admin, helpdesk and livechat support $ 1000/ month
Semi dedicated Staff Part time(20 hrs/week) server admin , helpdesk and livechat support $ 450/ month
Helpdesk Support Per Server plans ,Per ticket plans, 30 minutes average response plan starts from
$ 100/ month
Server Administration Installing and Upgrading software , weekly maintanennce plan starts from
$ 100/ month

Server Administration Support for your servers

Voice over Ip is a technology that is replacing and providing cheap and best solutions to corporates world wide . The open source nature of Asterisk helps you to not spent extra amount on licensing and support . The cost part comes only for the DGM card and the minumum 1 MB per second connection that is needed .. Basically it helps to have extension to extension calls for free anywhere in the world from the astersik server in your office .

Please contact sales@servadm.com for a quote based on your requirements , namely number of extensions neeeded .

Simple Websites creation based on PHP , Mysql and html

Right now we help you setup a simple and plain website on our servers, according to your wish . We do not support extesive applicaitons however we are soon expanding our service area rto website designing too ..

Right now a simple and plain website with basic features like forum , Gallerry, guestbook e.t.c can be setup ate cost of

$ 100 per website

Server Admin Plan

Need any Server Administrator task done on your SERVER

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The Plan

  • Server Adminstration
  • Webhosting
  • Website Designing
  • Converting your corportate to linux
  • Asterisk server setup